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Academic Success and Career Development

Academic Success and Career Development


Edgewood College Academic Advising Services exists to provide academic advising to pre-declared undergraduate students. We assist and support students as they explore their educational goals, learn about academic requirements, understand the College organizational structure, and progress toward degree completion. We support the College by providing general academic resource information to faculty, staff, students, and other stake-holders throughout the life cycle of the students we serve.

Academic and Career Development Counselors:

  • assist students in acquiring initial understanding of the curriculum,
  • serve as a single point of contact for first year students as they explore personal, career, and educational goals
  • explain and interpret career and personality assessment tools to help aid students in their first year of major/career exploration
  • monitors progress through each segment of the student life-cycle.


The academic advising model at Edgewood College begins with academic success and career development counselors at the beginning of a students Edgewood College journey. Students learn about the curriculum and explore their academic and career options in a holistic and intentional way.

After students have had the opportunity to dig deep into their skills, abilities, values, and interests with their freshman counselor, the next step is connecting them with a faculty advisor who is passionate about their field of study (typically done during a students sophomore year). Faculty advisors serve as a mentor and can  highlight enriched learning opportunities related to the discipline outside of the classroom. This  can occur in the form of an internship, field experience, independent research, or study abroad experience....just to name few!

Academic and faculty advisors work in partnership with students to connect learning, beliefs, and action as they develop and implement their academic and career goals. Advisors welcome students of diverse backgrounds, religious affiliations, ethnic and racial identifications, and sexual orientations to this partnership.