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Your GPA represents the quotient of your quality points and your credit hours.  The quality points you earn each term are calculated by multiplying the quantitative value of your grade times the credit hours for the course the grade represents.  


For example, a grade of 'B' in a three credit class accounts for 9 quality points (B = 3.0, and 3.0 x 3 credits = 9 quality points.)  Calculate the quality points for each of your courses, add them up, and divide by the total credit hours you have taken... the result is your GPA.

How To Use The Calculator:

1. Type in your anticipated letter grades (A, AB, B, BC, C, CD, D, F) and the credit hours for each class you took this semester.
2. Click "Calculate Estimated Current Semester GPA."

To Calculate a GPA With More Than Six Courses:

Start by adding up how many credits you have of each anticipated letter grade. For example, if you think you'll earn an “A” in COMMS 101 (3 credits), PHIL 101 (3 credits), and ENG 110 (4 credits), you would have 10 credits of “A”s.  Put “A” in the column/row labeled "Letter Grade / 1st Class" AND 10 for the "# of credits for class". Continue the process for AB, B, BC, etc. 

To Estimate How This Semester Affects Your Cumulative GPA:

1. Type in your anticipated letter grades (A, AB, B, etc.) and the credit hours for each class you took this semester.
2. Next, type in your current cumulative GPA and total graded hours earned prior to this semester.
3. Click "Calculate Estimated Cumulative GPA."
The result will be your cumulative GPA based upon this semester’s anticipated grades.

To Estimate The Grades You Would Need To Raise Your GPA:

This calculator is best used in consultation with an academic advisor. Be sure to seek advice if you have questions about academic progress issues. 

Important Note:

The number of completed GPA credits are listed on the last line of the student transcript. This line lists the following: cumulative attempted credits, earned credits, and then GPA credits. GPA credits include all Edgewood College credits for which students received a letter grade (A-F). GPA credits do not include transfer credits, pass/no credit options, or withdrawals.